Yoo creates self-survival strategies and attempts at various ways of making connections with people in his nomadic life of constant mobility.

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Letter from Tina Song. 2017
WOOD BLOCK, Plywood-sawdust Election related paper bag, 2017
HANS HUMMEL'S WATER JAR, 32x37cm, Plywood Wire, 2017
POCKETBOOK NOVELS, 20.5x11.4x1.4cm, Plywood, 2017
MACDONALD EGG MACMUFFIN, 8x3.6cm, Plywood, 2017
SPAM, 5.7x9.2x5.3cm, Lumber, 2017
NECKSHACKLES / ARMSHACKLES, 32.3x32.3x3cm / 40x13x3cm, Lumber Hinge Padlock, 2017
ORION FLARE GUN, 11.5x12.5x2.5cm, Plywood Hanarolighter Wire Spring Small-rocket, 2017
MONUMENT 1, 5.2x5.2x27cm, Lumber, 2017
DRUGSTORE, 50x60cm, Mdf, 2017
SPINNING TWEETER, 21x11x39cm, Plywood Wire Crystal ball and Pebbles in can, 2017
HELMET, 22x22x27cm, Plywood, 2017
CREAM BREAD, 22x13.5cm, Plywood, 2017
PSYCHIC DISTANCE RULER, 1.8x1.8x30cm, Lumber, 2017
WOOD BLOCK CAST, 19x9x5.6cm, Plywood Sawdust Elastic Pencil Lumber, 2017
Hop(홉)=0.18039ℓ BOWL, 8.5x8.5x5cm, Plywood, 2017
SNOW GOGGLES(LINGUAK), 15x4.3x13cm, Plywood Wire, 2017
GOLD BAR, 9.8x9.8x0.6cm, Aluminum Plywood, 2017
kALIMBA, 12X10X7cm, Plywood steel, 2017
CUTTER, 7x7x1cm, Plywood Tuna-can, 2017
MILK CARAMEL, 5x7x2cm, Plywood Lumber, 2017
SNACK BOX, 34x47x9cm, Plywood Lumber, 2017
CHAIR, 27x27x55cm, Lumber, 2017